Vision and Mission

Vision of St. Xavier’s

To collaborate with God, the parents, the socity and the nature in aiding the pupil to become the ‘Image and Likeness of God’

Mission of St. Xavier’s

  1. To create an environment conducive for developing the multiple intelligences of the pupil.
  2.  To empower the pupil to discover and nuture the specific God-given talents in order to ‘lead and not to be led’, to be a ‘founder and not a follower’.
  3. To aid pupil to experience the joy of the being a child of God, who loves every human in need and the nature

The Universal Apostolic Preferences: The Society of Jesus has given us a particular orientation for our multifaceted mission for the coming ten years. They are called the Universal Apostolic Preferences. They were the fruit of two years of prayer and discernment. We here at St. Xavier’s strive to integrate this vision in our mission of education and form our students into great human beings